The top 10 junior roles in Berlin right now 🔥


Want to land a job at a young, but promising startup? Look no further, here comes a list of interesting junior positions (0-3 years work experience) at some of the most exciting tech companies in Berlin. 


1) Infarm - Operations Specialist

Why we think it's cool: Israeli founders that are developing an “indoor vertical farming” system capable of growing anything from herbs, lettuce and other vegetables, and even fruit.  

Hiring For: Operations Specialist


2) Zeitgold - Customer Success Manager

Why we think it's cool: Combine German management talent with Israeli tech talent and you have Zeitgold. Zeitgold frees entrepreneurs from paperwork. By combining artificial intelligence and experts, they offer an end-to-end solution for managing the financials of cafés, restaurants, craftsmen, and agencies.

Hiring For: Customer Success Manager (German-speaking)


3) Freighthub - Entrepreneur in Residence 

Why we think it's cool: Founded by the same guys that sold their company to Google, Freighthub is an asset–free freight forwarding company transforming a multi-billion dollar industry.

Hiring for: Entrepreneur in Residence (German-speaking)


4) solarisBank - Business Development Manager

Why we think it's cool: Started as part of Finleap, the fintech incubator, they are a banking platform with a full banking license, allowing companies to build and scale their own financial products.

Hiring For: Business Development Manager


5) Miamed - Manager Growth Strategy & Business Development

Why we think it's cool:  MIAMED is an e-learning company that is transforming medical education around the world. They have a team of over a 100 people, of which ~50% are physicians! 

Hiring For: Manager Growth Strategy & Business Development


6) Clue - Junior Researcher

Why we think it's cool: Backed by top-tier US Investors, Clue is the world’s fastest-growing period tracking and fertility app. 

Hiring For: Junior Researcher


7) Casper - Analyst, Marketing Analytics 

Why we think it's cool: Casper is changing the way people buy sleep-related products. They were named one of the fastest growing companies and recently inked deals with Target and American Airlines. Bonus: They fly out their whole team to New York for their annual Holiday Party. 

Hiring For: Analyst, Marketing Analytics 


8) DCMN - Junior Account Manager

Why we think it's cool:  One of the fastest growing digital agencies, DCMN has a team of 130+ young and highly skilled professionals.  100% year-on-year growth in terms of both revenue and employees. 


9) Raisin - Distribution Partnerships Manager 

Why we think it's cool: The fastest growing FinTech in Europe, which received €60 million in funding from well-known investors including Thrive Capital and Index Ventures. The Wall Street Journal describes the business model as“So brilliant that customers cannot say no”. 

Hiring For: Distribution Partnerships Manager


10) Jodel - Junior Growth Operations

Why we think it's cool: With 1 million users creating more than 6 million posts per day, Jodel is the viral app of the year. 

Hiring For: Junior Growth Operations

Jason Reich